Don't Live With a Chipped Tooth

Learn about our dental veneers in Billings, MT

Imagine that you've chipped one of your front teeth. Not only could that make eating difficult, but it could also be embarrassing. If you've chipped a tooth, turn to the team at Dr. Kirk D. Song, DDS. We're one of the premier dentists that do veneers in Billings, MT.

Our dental veneers can have a porcelain or resin coating. You can get veneers to improve your tooth's color, size and shape. Contact us now to learn more about our dental veneers.

Get veneers to repair your teeth

Thinking about getting veneers for your teeth? You should consider getting veneers if your teeth are:

  • Uneven or shaped irregularly
  • Cracked, broken or chipped
  • Discolored or stained

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